Workwear - We Want To Wear

Workwear - We Want To Wear

Workwear is having a major moment right now. It is no secret that the traditional matching blazer sets lack personality and flare. Dressing up professionally, while often required, does not have to be something to dread. A few elevated basics can go a long way. 


Blazer | Tank | Bottoms




Vest | Button Down | Denim

Blazer | Tank | Midi Shorts 


Tunic | Bottoms


September 09, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin
going west 💙

going west 💙

I put alot of pressure on myself to succeed - many of you can relate to that I'm sure - the whole AAC brand has been built on going after what you want. sometimes being an ambitious person who goes for it + always want to be evolving becomes overwhelming. 

feeling like you constantly need to have huge milestones and meet massive goals and do something ground breaking all the time in attempts to "succeed" is tiring.

this is where I was at the last couple months. 

I found that without school everyday there weren't as many things to check off my list + I thrive w a checklist.

I kept feeling like I was lacking. no completing enough. telling myself I need to do more. 

eventually even major accomplishments weren't feeling like success. everything was upsetting me and I was frequently let down even as AAC grew in ways I couldn't recognize. 

so I decided to take a break. 

and the next week I was in the car and on my way to the place I love most - California. 

no expectations or checklist. just days at the beach, relaxation, new experiences. 

that's all I wanted.

with no expectations - there was more time for enjoyment. enjoying what was really happening - not what I wanted to happen.

self reflection began to happen.

all that time led me to realize - in business, especially after graduating with a business degree - I always got the vibe that business is a race to the top. the goal is just to get bigger, work harder, do more sell more be more.

but that just doesn't feel like me. it is tiring and overwhelming. I started AAC in high school with the intention of dressing my friends and at the core of AAC that's what I still do. I just have more friends now.  

the aspect of AAC that lights more up is dressing all these badasses. seeing where they go in the threads I curate. to hear about what lights other up and what they are dressing for. to get to be a part of the rad things people all over are doing. that is so cool to me. 

watching + enjoying others succeed. 

there is room for everyone to make it. 

success isn't a competition.

business- and life - can be whatever you want it to be. 

isn't that be point of starting your own thing in the first place? to do whatever you want, create your own vibe, style, voice, community, difference in whatever industry you're in.

there are no rules.   

aka if you want to take a two week break and drive cross country. you . can. do. it. 
to me its not about being the biggest or the best or dominating an industry. its not making it to the top of a hypothetical ladder. 
yes I want to be growing and doing better and make a bigger difference. but it's not a race. its not a massive weight to carry around. 
your spin, your energy, your feelings and view, how you do things are what make you stand out - use that as your power. 
AAC is most fun with I dress my friends - ALL OF YOU - and own who I am / my strengths.
this trip gave me insight as to what AAC can be / what I want out of life. 


Tee | Joggers


Scarf | Set 

 Dress | Hoops


Swimsuit | Sunnies



beach tote 

swim suit | skirt


chokers | knit

 sunnies | swimsuit


sweatshirt | denim

matching set | sunnies


crossbody | skates 


dress | sunnies 

top | swim bottoms

tee | set


Trip route

Day One - stop and stay the night in Denver Colorado 

Day Two - head to Moab and then stay Vegas

Day Three - drive to LA stay in LA for eight nights

Day Eight - day trip to San Diego / Coronado 

Day Ten - head to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree then stay in Grand Canyon

Day Eleven - drive to and stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Day Twelve - Back to Kansas City

All days in between travel were spent in the LA area


there was no solid schedule - just stops when it felt right 💙

Moab, Coronado, Huntington Beach, Pink Taco, Grand Canyon, were all musts. If you are going to go to more than two national parks - buy the national park pass!

May 25, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin


Every shop owners dream includes a trip to the LA Fashion District. July 2020 this dream became a reality for me and it was even cooler than I imagined. There's a certain magic in the air when you see countless designs, trends, materials and overall style in one place. 107 blocks, featuring countless stores, offers a fashion lovers play ground.
Prior to Landing in LA:
1) Know your must see place + their locations 
2) Know the LA Fashion District site front + back: so many tips like shipping, promos, maps, etc
3) Have a plan for bringing back finds - - bringing empty checked bags, arranging for consolidated shipping, buying preorders for later seasons, etc. 
4) Know what you are looking for - somewhat. Be open to new trends obviously, but are you looking for tops, accessories, denim? Do you need a good vendor for something specific? 
We spent two full mornings at the district + covered most of it. I wanted to start my mornings early, which was great for parking and weather. By lunch we were pretty much done and ready to eat. Go easy on yourself - day one I was more timid and still getting down how to go about everything. Day two I felt completely confident.
Questions to Consider When Buying:
1) Is it available now? / when can I pick up?
2) Shipping estimates? Coordinating with consolidated shipping?
3)When it is available for preorder?
4) Order minimums? Promotion? 

Don’t be afraid to just buy 1-2 packs - especially when trying anew vendor. When I went to Dallas stopping at a vendor for one style / one pack made me feel so small + awkward. That isn’t the case at all. If you want to try out a brand sizing, see how an items does, don’t feel pressured to buy in large amounts.


The area didn't have much selection for food. A small food court featuring a few local places and a handful of food trucks were about it. Day one we decided to venture out and go to a local Mexican restaurant - a drive. Then day two we ate at a Mexican food truck w killer nacho fries. We had also brought a few snacks which I would highly recommend - along with your own drinks. 

Bring someone with you!! Not even to help buy - but to be emotional support. Eli came with me and it made a huge difference. He was able to help carry stuff - which made navigating small shops way easier, and he also kept track of where we had been. It's another person to answer questions when you need to present information to the vendors, offer suggestions on pricing - quantities - quality - anything. It was also great for capturing content. I loved sharing the entire experience with the AAC girl gang - it was rad for everyone


I know many of you are concerned about navigating with COVID - and with other shows being cancelled - LA may be your only option. Each store checked temperatures, enforced hand sanitizer and sometimes would only let one buyer in. Mask were also worn - - by everyone. I felt comfortable shopping and far from most people. No store were full and the district had minimal buyers. Do what you feel comfortale with - online buying is still a great option.


Going to the LA Fashion District gave me a revamped excitement about my brand - trying to pieces and vendors - seeing things like never before - growing into my style.  

August 02, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin
AAC x UMKC Student Relief Fund

AAC x UMKC Student Relief Fund

Staying in is cool .
The past few weeks it has been heavy on my heart to use AAC as a way to support others during this time. Being a college student with a business puts me in a unique position + I do not take that for granted. It isn't uncommon for my close friends, classmates and myself to be struggling financially as college students. Not only has COVID - 19 added additional stress for classes, but financially. As a student I wanted to help those close to me. This is what led me to discover the University of Missouri - Kansas City's Emergency Relief Fund. 
The UMKC Student Emergency Relief Funds was created to assist with financial concerns. After much consideration AAC has decided to create a profit share tee to support this fund. This link will take you directly to the University of Missouri - Kansas City website where you can read about this fund.  There is a short video presented by Student Government Association, Speak of the Senate, Emma Weiler.
My goal with this tee is not only to raise money for the fund, but to raise awareness of it for those who are in need. Grants are available for you to apply for. If you know someone at UMKC struggling, send them the link and encourage them to apply. 
T Shirts are available for preorder starting 4/21/2020. Sizes small through extra extra extra large. Profits will be directly donated to the Relief Fund.
April 20, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin
Hannah's Bach + Boozy Weekend

Hannah's Bach + Boozy Weekend

Planning a bachelorette party is no joke. Where do you even start? What do you include? How do you coordinate times? Everyones schedule? There are countless things to consider, organize and execute. This past month I got to plan my sisters party + it was the best weekend of our lives. Once she asked my to be her maid of honor, I started planning. That was last October
I reached out to the girls in January to set a date that worked + began making plans. All of us were in a group, minus Hannah so we could make some aspects a secret.  We pretty quickly, based on budget + time, decided on a staycation in KC. Once the girls who were coming confirmed, I found the perfect Airbnb to accommodate all of us. Before all the girls showed up, I decorated it to create a fun party space. 
Cups | Tray | DIY Sign
My favorite project was the gift bags. I wanted to create something special to thank all the girls for coming. Each bag was filled with a tee shirt, personalized cup, itinerary for the weekend, matching pjs and bride tribe bracelet. Hannah's bag had some extras: a sash, bride headband and of course, a boa. 
The tees were Goodfellow from the Target mens section with iron on from Cricut that I designed to make all the fonts for the party cohesive. 
I also created an itinerary. People love to know what is going on + have a plan. It made planning outfits easier, as well as having an overall budget for the trip. This was sent out in the group message early on (Hannah wasn't in the chat) and put into gift bags. I keep the massages as a surprise because Hannah's fiancé wanted to gift them to the girls. Hannah was surprised by quite a few of the plans, so she didn't get an itinerary until we arrived, in her bag. 
We actually followed this very closely and things flowed amazingly. We started with our dinner at HopCat + drinks at Tiki Cat. Both AMAZING. 
Then to a night of dancing in Westport. We went like this for hours!! Probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. We got back to the Aribnb and hungout. It was so funny because we had 6 beds, but everyone wanted to double / triple up. Epic slumber party. 
Saturday was an at home brunch so the girls stayed in their matching pjs, all day until we went to dinner. They were a perfect touch to a perfect day. Matching with your besties is always fun.
I loved making brunch!! We also did a yogurt bar, bagels, and mini donuts. A good variety. Lots of the brunch foods were from Costco. We tried to find individual wrapped foods so nothing went to waste.... Costco sized yogurt is ALOT of yogurt. 
If I could go back I would have WAY more snack foods. Like post bar pizza, chips, anything. We did these individual bags and they went quick, then some chocolate pretzels and other things from Costco. Pizza is a must after a long night. 
This tower is from Home Goods, Hannah picked it for her wedding so I decided to get multiple uses out of it. This looks way more fun than chips laying on the table and all the little details really do matter / show in the end. 
Another fave was the at home wine tasting. We have stayed close with our childhood babysitter and developed into good friends. She loves wine and is super knowledgable on it. Once we decided to stay in I knew this would be so fun. She even made all the girls a cute glass with their first initial. At the wine tastings I've been to there is always a paper to take notes on so I made one to coordinate with the itinerary. This was a fun touch + spiced up the table. 
Nothing feels better after a few glasses of wine than a massage. Hannah's finance wanted to do something nice for us and sent in an at home massage therapists! It was a dream. Two ladies came and did 20 minutes for each of us. 
After the laid back Saturday, we can to PBR at sprint center and out in Power and Light. This night went until 3 am. I am convinced that Hannah could dance forever, it was amazing to see her so happy with all her friends! That's my whole goal with the weekend and I was glad it happened that way!
To end the trip, we went to Hamburger Mary's! Buffet brunch + bottomless mimosas + a show, made for the perfect end to the trip. 
Overall when planning, keep the bride in mind. What does she love? What do her and her friends do on the norm? Pick things she enjoys + make them better. 
March 03, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin
Spring 2020 Trends: What AAC Is Crushing On

Spring 2020 Trends: What AAC Is Crushing On

Phew -- long time no blog. Blogging has always been a passion of mine, but something I don't always take time to do. With the spring season arriving + new style quickly making their appearance, I wanted to share some trends that I am crushing on. 
Lately I have been the girl in the neutral colored, elevated basics. Not so average sweatshirts +  stellar matching sets + oversized tunics + chunk knits + bold jewelry  are my go to right now. 
A good, black midi dress is my #1 recommendation for transitional weather. The West Cost Midi Dress is chic + strong. Whether you work in an office or go to school, this is the perfect + easy to style dress.
With cooler temps, it is so fun to add a knit layer + booties. Ladies in the year round warmth (I am so jealous), just add fun accessories. AAC has the perfect bold earrings to complete any look. 
A good + easy going sweatshirt is a cool girl must have. The Cloud Nine Sweatshirt is an everyday, cloud like, next level crewneck. A bright white that works w denim, leggings, shorts, anything + everything. Bright colors like these are so on trend for spring 2020. It is a rad trend we can all get behind. 
The next spring 2020 trend that AAC is obsessing over is a good matching set. Not only do sets make it easy to pick an outfit in the morning, they offer a chic unified look. Nothing is cozier than the AAC Something Magic Set. Add sneaks or add a blazer, you do you. 
Knits are an everyday go to, not just in spring but year round. Perfect for layering on chilly mornings + wearing solo w chic bottoms. 
Brighter knits are the perfect way to transition to spring because they offer warmth + a pop of color. The Nirvana Stripe Knit is the best blend of bold + cozy. Pieces like these look rad with high waisted shorts alll summer long too. 
Helllllo standout jewelry to complete our looks. Ugh a good layered necklace is EVERYTHING + alll the rage right now. I see these styled with so many outfits. Gold is typically my go to jewelry + there has been so many magic pieces to choose from this season. 
Necklaces aren't the only way to finish your look though, bold earrings are coming in hot now + AAC is always game for a good earring. 
Last on the AAC trends list is... GRAPHIC TEES. From bands to FriYAY to AAC originals, a good graphic tee never goes out of style. The dressed up + oversized tee look is classic. 
We alll have that tee pile in our closets + can always use another to add to the stack. This FriYAY is coolest tee + perfect for this spring. 
View all the hot spring trends now on ☁️☁️☁️
February 10, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin
10 Must Haves For The Working Woman

10 Must Haves For The Working Woman

Workwear doesn't have to be dull. Keep your work wardrobe fresh with these AAC staples. 
Next level work top. This takes blouse to the next level. Just add your favorite dress pant.
You get two for one with this duo. Wear together for a bold statement or each piece solo to mix it up even more. 
A staple cami will go so far in your professional wardrobe. The mix of leopard + lace make a powerful statement. Great transition piece. 
A great day to day dress. The fit + stretch make it a comfortable, yet elevated item. Plus every girl needs a little black dress. 
Perfect for girls on the go because it can easily move from workwear to everyday to night out. A perfect staple. 
Boss babe NEED. Timeless plaid material that is as bold as the dreams you're chasing. 
All the dream chaser vibes. Perfect for a business casual work environment. 
A good blazer will take you good places. Power moves ready with this magical blazer. 
From work to night out, this gem is ready to be on repeat. Add your favorite blazer for an even more badass look. 
Have It All Blazer & Pant
I'm convinced that it doesn't get better than this set. 100% obsessed with corduroy.
October 13, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin
Kansas City Fashion Week - AAC Style

Kansas City Fashion Week - AAC Style

For the past few years I have attended KCFW as a volunteer. Helping out with behind the scenes work + selling tickets + taking out trash... Anything to be a part of the experience. This season I did a complete 180. KCFW hosted their second pop up market at Union Station + AAC was there.

Getting to experience KCFW as a vendor this year made the all the fashion magic even more amazing. Chatting with all the women who attended the show + models who were about to walk + designers from all nights + coordinators + blogger / influencers + you name it. What a special place to be. Connecting w other in the fashion space, who appreciated the collection I had so intentionally curated, consistently reminded my why I started AAC. 

Seeing all these incredible women, feel good + chase their dreams in AAC filled my heart. Every girl I talked to was trying to achieve something different w their look. Some needed event wear, others needed to spice up a work wardrobe. No matter what, we all had fun mixing + matching styles. 

⚡️Shop these looks + more on ⚡️


September 23, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin
Living on Main - Home Inspo

Living on Main - Home Inspo

Decorating a new place can be intimidating + stressful. From when I started college, two years ago, I have moved into four different places. From dorm to student apartment to lofted apartment, I have tried it. This semester though, I finally nailed it.
I moved into a v legit apartment downtown KC. It is a fun two bedroom that I share with my best friend. She lives in the upstairs lofted portion + I live in the room on the main level.
From the beginning we agreed on neutral colors. Greys, whites, light colors. This made it easy for us to shop. We didn't let this restrict this and deviated it for pieces that are really us, but it helped us to keep an overall theme. We have an more abstract mantle / wall because we like to keep things fun around here.
Most of the items we have are things we previously had at other apartments, thrifted / repurposed items, decor from Target / Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, etc. For this move I did invest in a bunch of pillows to spice up the couch. Our place cam furnished and the couch's back had awful pillows. We were able to totally transform the living space with under $100 of TJ Maxx Pillows. Such a simple way to make a space fit your personal style.
I have really loved playing with texture + pattern throughout our space. It made neutral colors more interesting. Since the rug has a busy pattern, I chose to keep the pillows subtle.
We really enjoy hosting and with an open kitchen / living room it allows people to mingle all over our space. A thin island + smaller bar stools make the small kitchen appear larger. The lined rug also created a longer effect.
We have loved creating a space that really feels like us + where we are comfortable. More than anything, we filled the space with the decor, things AND PEOPLE we love.
August 21, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin
Aubrey’s Top 5 Favorites

Aubrey’s Top 5 Favorites

Every Aubrey’s Attic Company piece that shows up is my favorite. When I buy for AAC I am SO intentional + aim to pick the most unique / bold / fun to style + quality items. Hours + hours a day go into curating a bad ass collection for Y O U. Currently I’ve been crushing a little extra on a few items.
Anyyyy + all things sets. Literal heart eyes. Not old are sets chic + trendy, they make getting ready in the morning 10000x easier. Add your favorite cami and you’re gucci. 
Lately I have been wearing L O T S of minimal necklaces. This AAC trio allows for so much versatility. Wear as a stack or solo. It’s so fun to mix + match.
This I don’t even have the words for. Classic + timeless + sophisticated + crisp. The best of the AAC best. It has this realll great stretch that hugs you in all the right places. I’ve worn mine for a night out + day date. So magic. 
 F O U R
My favorite favorite favorite sunnies. Oversized + box fit. Alllll the designer vibes. From running errands to a photo shoot, I A L W A Y S have these on me. They have the best sun protection + aren’t like your typical sunnies.
Last + definitely not least, a staple black bodysuit. I didn’t realize I needed one until this arrived. Classic, elevated basic that you can rewear BUT added touches that make it special. 
August 18, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin
Five Looks For Sorority Recruitment: Courtney Collins Collab

Five Looks For Sorority Recruitment: Courtney Collins Collab

WOW, did this summer fly by or WHAT?!
And now it's that time of year again-- back to school for most, but back to SORORITY recruitment for some! Here are a few outfits if you're going through formal recruitment soon, or need some inspo to style a T-Shirt for a back-to-school event!
**This post is a collab with Aubrey's Attic Co!**
Be sure to check out her website for even more outfit ideas and amazing pieces!
First up, I have on our Recruitment T-Shirt that says "Empowered Women Empower Women." 
(How AMAZING is that?!) 
Because of its total #GirlBoss vibes, I wanted to pair it with some animal print.
Depending if your school's recruitment is indoor or outdoor, you might want to consider how your outfit does with that! I have on these leopard pants for a cooler setting, and then this leopard skirt for a warmer setting. I also styled these cute paper bag shorts and this fun ascot to show some personality in the outfit!
For a more formal recruitment outfit or back-to-school event, this black jumpsuit or swing dress is your best friend! These two pieces are so versatile for any occasion.
But, remember: The best outfit for recruitment or back to school season is one that shows your style. Don't be afraid to try out new trends this year, or even stick with the same as the year before. Whatever you wear-- wear it with your personal style!
What are you most excited for during this back to school season? 
Let me know in the comments!
August 12, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin
AAC X Kendra Scott

AAC X Kendra Scott

Girls supporting girls is the name of the game + working with other women run companies is my all time favorite. Kendra Scott's new fall line is a dream + pairs m a g i c a l l y with the new Aubrey's Attic Company collection. 
When looking for new jewelry I always stick to the same criteria. Gold, dainty necklaces + bracelets + rings. I like to stick to basics. Earrings are where I love to make a statement but typically can't wear anything too heavy. 
I went to pick up my picks at Kendra Scott on the Plaza, they had a few larger earrings and I told them I couldn't wear them. Well my life was changed when they brought out these game changing ear stickers aka lobe wonders. My ripped ear was no long ripped. Highly recommend if your ear is damaged + you can't wear heavy pieces.
These made it possible for me to style the latest Aubrey's Attic Co dress with Kendra Scott's new statement earrings. The look was classy + fun. A perfect dress for sorority formals, date night out, weddings, all your next level occasions.
The simplistic black lace is easy to pair with any color / pattern. As you know I stick to gold, so an oversized statement earring + bracelet from Kendra Scott completed the look for me. And of course, I added my favorite leopard slides. 
My next look included a new hoop. I loved the way it paired with my layered bracelets + lace cami. This look is an easy transition throughout the day. Throw on a blazer / jacket for work + wear solo for dinner with friends. 
I added the new Magic In The Hampton's Jacket to the look. It's a dreamy corduroy + polka dot material that's too good to be true. I added my stackable rings that I swear are never coming off. 
From class to travel day to movie night, this new Aubrey's Attic Co jacket is ready to roll. Oversized in the most rad way. Not chunky, but not tight. The pocket details + buttons are so intentional. This not so average jacket is a must have. 
- - -
Another look to love: Dreams Will Come True Dress.
Oversized lace is a bold move for the AAC dream chaser. Hot + sleek. For this look I added a necklace + bracelet set. 
I haven't worn anything besides chokers + charm necklaces, since forever. Although this did take me out of my comfort zone, I love the bold touch. Perfect mini dress for the fashion obsessed girl.
See something you love? Shop all these Aubrey's Attic Co X Kendra Scott looks at Kendra Scott on the Plaza, Wednesday August 7th from 6-8pm. 
August 04, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin