AAC X Kendra Scott
Girls supporting girls is the name of the game + working with other women run companies is my all time favorite. Kendra Scott's new fall line is a dream + pairs m a g i c a l l y with the new Aubrey's Attic Company collection. 
When looking for new jewelry I always stick to the same criteria. Gold, dainty necklaces + bracelets + rings. I like to stick to basics. Earrings are where I love to make a statement but typically can't wear anything too heavy. 
I went to pick up my picks at Kendra Scott on the Plaza, they had a few larger earrings and I told them I couldn't wear them. Well my life was changed when they brought out these game changing ear stickers aka lobe wonders. My ripped ear was no long ripped. Highly recommend if your ear is damaged + you can't wear heavy pieces. 
These made it possible for me to style the latest Aubrey's Attic Co dress with Kendra Scott's new statement earrings. The look was classy + fun. A perfect dress for sorority formals, date night out, weddings, all your next level occasions.
The simplistic black lace is easy to pair with any color / pattern. As you know I stick to gold, so an oversized statement earring + bracelet from Kendra Scott completed the look for me. And of course, I added my favorite leopard slides. 
My next look included a new hoop. I loved the way it paired with my layered bracelets + lace cami. This look is an easy transition throughout the day. Throw on a blazer / jacket for work + wear solo for dinner with friends. 
I added the new Magic In The Hampton's Jacket to the look. It's a dreamy corduroy + polka dot material that's too good to be true. I added my stackable rings that I swear are never coming off. 
From class to travel day to movie night, this new Aubrey's Attic Co jacket is ready to roll. Oversized in the most rad way. Not chunky, but not tight. The pocket details + buttons are so intentional. This not so average jacket is a must have. 
- - -
Another look to love: Dreams Will Come True Dress.
Oversized lace is a bold move for the AAC dream chaser. Hot + sleek. For this look I added a necklace + bracelet set. 
I haven't worn anything besides chokers + charm necklaces, since forever. Although this did take me out of my comfort zone, I love the bold touch. Perfect mini dress for the fashion obsessed girl.
See something you love? Shop all these Aubrey's Attic Co X Kendra Scott looks at Kendra Scott on the Plaza, Wednesday August 7th from 6-8pm. 
August 04, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin