AAC x UMKC Student Relief Fund
Staying in is cool .
The past few weeks it has been heavy on my heart to use AAC as a way to support others during this time. Being a college student with a business puts me in a unique position + I do not take that for granted. It isn't uncommon for my close friends, classmates and myself to be struggling financially as college students. Not only has COVID - 19 added additional stress for classes, but financially. As a student I wanted to help those close to me. This is what led me to discover the University of Missouri - Kansas City's Emergency Relief Fund. 
The UMKC Student Emergency Relief Funds was created to assist with financial concerns. After much consideration AAC has decided to create a profit share tee to support this fund. This link will take you directly to the University of Missouri - Kansas City website where you can read about this fund.  There is a short video presented by Student Government Association, Speak of the Senate, Emma Weiler.
My goal with this tee is not only to raise money for the fund, but to raise awareness of it for those who are in need. Grants are available for you to apply for. If you know someone at UMKC struggling, send them the link and encourage them to apply. 
T Shirts are available for preorder starting 4/21/2020. Sizes small through extra extra extra large. Profits will be directly donated to the Relief Fund.
April 20, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin