Hannah's Bach + Boozy Weekend
Planning a bachelorette party is no joke. Where do you even start? What do you include? How do you coordinate times? Everyones schedule? There are countless things to consider, organize and execute. This past month I got to plan my sisters party + it was the best weekend of our lives. Once she asked my to be her maid of honor, I started planning. That was last October
I reached out to the girls in January to set a date that worked + began making plans. All of us were in a group, minus Hannah so we could make some aspects a secret.  We pretty quickly, based on budget + time, decided on a staycation in KC. Once the girls who were coming confirmed, I found the perfect Airbnb to accommodate all of us. Before all the girls showed up, I decorated it to create a fun party space. 
Cups | Tray | DIY Sign
My favorite project was the gift bags. I wanted to create something special to thank all the girls for coming. Each bag was filled with a tee shirt, personalized cup, itinerary for the weekend, matching pjs and bride tribe bracelet. Hannah's bag had some extras: a sash, bride headband and of course, a boa. 
The tees were Goodfellow from the Target mens section with iron on from Cricut that I designed to make all the fonts for the party cohesive. 
I also created an itinerary. People love to know what is going on + have a plan. It made planning outfits easier, as well as having an overall budget for the trip. This was sent out in the group message early on (Hannah wasn't in the chat) and put into gift bags. I keep the massages as a surprise because Hannah's fiancé wanted to gift them to the girls. Hannah was surprised by quite a few of the plans, so she didn't get an itinerary until we arrived, in her bag. 
We actually followed this very closely and things flowed amazingly. We started with our dinner at HopCat + drinks at Tiki Cat. Both AMAZING. 
Then to a night of dancing in Westport. We went like this for hours!! Probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. We got back to the Aribnb and hungout. It was so funny because we had 6 beds, but everyone wanted to double / triple up. Epic slumber party. 
Saturday was an at home brunch so the girls stayed in their matching pjs, all day until we went to dinner. They were a perfect touch to a perfect day. Matching with your besties is always fun.
I loved making brunch!! We also did a yogurt bar, bagels, and mini donuts. A good variety. Lots of the brunch foods were from Costco. We tried to find individual wrapped foods so nothing went to waste.... Costco sized yogurt is ALOT of yogurt. 
If I could go back I would have WAY more snack foods. Like post bar pizza, chips, anything. We did these individual bags and they went quick, then some chocolate pretzels and other things from Costco. Pizza is a must after a long night. 
This tower is from Home Goods, Hannah picked it for her wedding so I decided to get multiple uses out of it. This looks way more fun than chips laying on the table and all the little details really do matter / show in the end. 
Another fave was the at home wine tasting. We have stayed close with our childhood babysitter and developed into good friends. She loves wine and is super knowledgable on it. Once we decided to stay in I knew this would be so fun. She even made all the girls a cute glass with their first initial. At the wine tastings I've been to there is always a paper to take notes on so I made one to coordinate with the itinerary. This was a fun touch + spiced up the table. 
Nothing feels better after a few glasses of wine than a massage. Hannah's finance wanted to do something nice for us and sent in an at home massage therapists! It was a dream. Two ladies came and did 20 minutes for each of us. 
After the laid back Saturday, we can to PBR at sprint center and out in Power and Light. This night went until 3 am. I am convinced that Hannah could dance forever, it was amazing to see her so happy with all her friends! That's my whole goal with the weekend and I was glad it happened that way!
To end the trip, we went to Hamburger Mary's! Buffet brunch + bottomless mimosas + a show, made for the perfect end to the trip. 
Overall when planning, keep the bride in mind. What does she love? What do her and her friends do on the norm? Pick things she enjoys + make them better. 
March 03, 2020 — Aubrey Larkin