Decorating Small Spaces - Low Budget Style
Homegoods + World Market + Target + TJ Maxx + Pinterest + anything DIY, will be your BEST FRIENDS. Decorating a small space isn’t instant, it requires time + effort. Don’t be afraid to wait for sale, make it yourself or ask people around you for things they don’t want.

Before moving into my first place, I spent a lot of time figuring out me. I’m still working on it but I really love neutrals. Find what you love + center your space around that. The most central piece in my apartment in the couch. It’s visible right when you walk in + is where most people gather. It came w the place + is horribly hideous. Since I want people to come in + feel at home, I made the couch as comfy as possible. The base is covered w a fluffy comforter and topped w a quilt. The quilt was handmade by Wilma + I so we were able to make the couch really diverse. Of course I love a good pillow so I filed them high. When company is over, people can grab pillows and cushion the floor / sit on the couch / or the comfy rug. It allows diverse options.

The living space was super important to me so I was most intentional about it. The ladder rack is typically covered in blankets for company (laundry day). The rug also makes the place more cozy. With WHITE walls, it is hard to make the place homey. Gallery walls have been my best friend and add more of me to the place. It is easy to come up w a compilation of very cheap items + put them together. Micheals / TJ Maxx / Hobby Lobby are always having sales on simple pieces. I am always growing my collection.


The wood piece is the most expensive decor I have. It is from an art auction ar Urban Christian Academy. The kids sell their art to raise money + add another grade to their school. This piece was made by the sweetest girl, she found the wood (trash) in her yard and gave it a scarf to make it beautiful.


Typically I stick to super simple, neutral pieces. I tie pinks in occasionally.

Ballin’ on a budget w the TV. Watch through Roku when I take the time to.

Containers are E V E R Y T H I N G in a small space. It keeps items put together + organized. All of these are from HomeGoods and were under $30. They make the space way more organized but keeps things easily accessible. The basket on the fridge is for all my snacks, with limited cabinet space I needed somewhere to store my goodies. I also have a similar one on the counter top. Just like the utensil holder, it keeps my place minimal + chic.

I have never had room between the ceiling + cabinets but I love that it offered another place to decored. Again, clustering a few inexpensive, subtle pieces, came together and made a statement. Hannah got me the Focus Darling to remind me to take a breath.

Other than the microwave, the Magic Bullet is the most used appliance in the kitchen. I love smoothies + making slushies with it. It was my biggest kitchen splurge. The tray was $3 from Michael’s party section and the jar is just a simple mason jar. When friends are over I love to offer them fun drinks, in cute cups and topped off with a signature paper straw. Love this lil drink bar.

The table is my least favorite piece in the apartment. It came furnished and w that came the table. I try to spice it up w coasters + flowers courtesy of Wilma. The curtains are a super fun look + I love knotting them to let the light in. The multi color poms are just an accent for Easter and the gold banner is still up from my best friends surprise party — proof that pieces don’t have to be expensive to look amazing.

Now onto my fave place, my room. Decor is super personal and nothing over the top. My favorite wall is the post it note wall, I write encouraging notes + goals + whatever and read then everyday.


The necklace holder is an upcycled rake and is the most amazing jewelry hanger. It keeps everything organized so well + was very inexpensive.


One of the most important furnishings in my room is the shoe rack. I got two are Target + just stacked them. In a tight space, items that max use are essential. Photos are an easy way to keep the room personal + brighten up stressful days <3


My bed is 100% my favorite place to chill. So comfy + homey. The bedspread was less then $100 at HomeGoods and pillows are from all over the place. My weighted blanket was an investment, but has helped me tremendously.

A chic place that fits you doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Collection is key. Buy over a period of time. Finding the right pieces won’t happen in one day. Shop sales and upcycle items with potential.

June 03, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin