going west ūüíô

I put alot of pressure on myself to succeed - many of you can relate to that I'm sure - the whole AAC brand has been built on going after what you want. sometimes being an ambitious person who goes for it + always want to be evolving becomes overwhelming. 

feeling like you constantly need to have huge milestones and meet massive goals and do something ground breaking all the time in attempts to "succeed" is tiring.

this is where I was at the last couple months. 

I found that without school everyday there weren't as many things to check off my list + I thrive w a checklist.

I kept feeling like I was lacking. no completing enough. telling myself I need to do more. 

eventually even major accomplishments weren't feeling like success. everything was upsetting me and I was frequently let down even as AAC grew in ways I couldn't recognize. 

so I decided to take a break. 

and the next week I was in the car and on my way to the place I love most - California. 

no expectations or checklist. just days at the beach, relaxation, new experiences. 

that's all I wanted.

with no expectations - there was more time for enjoyment. enjoying what was really happening - not what I wanted to happen.

self reflection began to happen.

all that time led me to realize - in business, especially after graduating with a business degree - I always got the vibe that business is a race to the top. the goal is just to get bigger, work harder, do more sell more be more.

but that just doesn't feel like me. it is tiring and overwhelming. I started AAC in high school with the intention of dressing my friends and at the core of AAC that's what I still do. I just have more friends now.  

the aspect of AAC that lights more up is dressing all these badasses. seeing where they go in the threads I curate. to hear about what lights other up and what they are dressing for. to get to be a part of the rad things people all over are doing. that is so cool to me. 

watching + enjoying others succeed. 

there is room for everyone to make it. 

success isn't a competition.

business- and life - can be whatever you want it to be. 

isn't that be point of starting your own thing in the first place? to do whatever you want, create your own vibe, style, voice, community, difference in whatever industry you're in.

there are no rules.   

aka if you want to take a two week break and drive cross country. you . can. do. it. 
to me its not about being the biggest or the best or dominating an industry. its not making it to the top of a hypothetical ladder. 
yes I want to be growing and doing better and make a bigger difference. but it's not a race. its not a massive weight to carry around. 
your spin, your energy, your feelings and view, how you do things are what make you stand out - use that as your power. 
AAC is most fun with I dress my friends - ALL OF YOU - and own who I am / my strengths.
this trip gave me insight as to what AAC can be / what I want out of life. 


Tee | Joggers


Scarf | Set 

 Dress | Hoops


Swimsuit | Sunnies



beach tote 

swim suit | skirt


chokers | knit

 sunnies | swimsuit


sweatshirt | denim

matching set | sunnies


crossbody | skates 


dress | sunnies 

top | swim bottoms

tee | set


Trip route

Day One - stop and stay the night in Denver Colorado 

Day Two - head to Moab and then stay Vegas

Day Three - drive to LA stay in LA for eight nights

Day Eight - day trip to San Diego / Coronado 

Day Ten - head to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree then stay in Grand Canyon

Day Eleven - drive to and stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Day Twelve - Back to Kansas City

All days in between travel were spent in the LA area


there was no solid schedule - just stops when it felt right ūüíô

Moab, Coronado, Huntington Beach, Pink Taco, Grand Canyon, were all musts. If you are going to go to more than two national parks - buy the national park pass!

May 25, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin