Summer Love List

Finding joy in the simple things  / lifechangers + everything in between. 

Waking up + going for a run (sometimes) + listening to a life changing audiobook

Photoshoots for AAC, weekly + changing in back allies + editing photos. 

Grabbing a Big Q, White Tea at Quiktrip. Crushed ice always.

Plans + schedules + marking things in my agenda. 

Pants with bow tie waists + cropped tees + sneakers. 

Learning how to cook + figuring out the kitchen. 

Traveling out of that city + state + country | anywhere. 

Laughing at funny tweets + sharing them w all my friends. 

Trying new coffee shops + studying w my gf's. 

Long car rides w Wilma to get ice cream + work.

Designing AAC exclusive tees, even ones for guys. 

Inspirational quotes on my Pinterest boards + bedroom walls to make me feel better | motivated. 

Garage, dirty mirror selfies + having my own space to work. 

Being an aunt to Sully Mae + watching her grow / learn. 

Going downtown to swim with my besties + laying in the sun + a good tanning oil

Stocking the racks at Array / popping up under a tent + seeing all my efforts for AAC's collection displayed.

Inspiring women through AAC + building relationships with others. 


June 28, 2019 — Aubrey Larkin