AAC wants to feature our community of dreamers - this week is Key!

Your big dreams / goals -

☁️ My big dream/goal would be to be a high school guidance counselor in a low income area while also being a fashion and lifestyle influencer/blogger.


How have you been during COVID? - 
☁️ I have been pretty okay during COVID. During quarantine I really used the time to get in-touch with my inner self and realize what I have to do to achieve my goals.


What are you up to? - 
☁️ Right now I'm currently living where I got to college (i'm a senior) and working 3 jobs along with school. I'm also working on creating some cool fashion content for my instagram.

Favorite quarantine activity - 
☁️ My favorite quarantine activity would probably be self-care days or going on daily walks with my mom. I also enjoyed being able to create a solid schedule for myself in quarantine!


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January 02, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin


AAC wants to feature its' community of dreamers - this week is Erika! 💥 


Big Dreams:  
Travel often – I wasn’t able to study abroad due to COVID-19 so I have a huge travel itch.
Own a house in California.
Have a career that fulfills my life’s purpose.
Go camping with family and/or friends once a month.   

Learn to ask for help as easily as I offer it.
Strive for higher education in the form of a master’s degree.
Connect more with my professors – build more of a relationship.

How have you been during COVID?
Truthfully, I have not been living my best life. More of a dying rather than thriving type of situation going on over here. Balancing college life online is a MESS. It has not been the year I think any of us expected but it is comforting to know I’m not alone. I was really excited that AAC decided to create this community.

What are you up to?
After being let go from my on-campus job I found a new job working at the urgent cares across San Diego county. My position entail screening patients for COVID-19 before they enter the buildings and assisting medical staff with patients in the outdoor respiratory clinic. If I’m not at work, then I’m at my desk! I am a senior at San Diego State University studying public health.

Story you want to share:
I have been going back and forth deciding what I wanted to share. Let’s get personal AAC family, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma in 2017. For those who don’t know, your thyroid is a gland that is responsible for hormone production. I was in the mists of my community college career and BAM. Navigating treatment options and PowerPoint projects was incredibly difficult. I honestly don’t know how I managed it all. Threeish years later, I’m doing amazing sweetie. Moral of the story you are so much stronger than you think you are. College is hectic but you are so resilient. No matter what obstacles you are faced with just know there are so many students dealing with the same issues. You aren’t alone!

Favorite activity to do during COVID:
SHOPPING! Small flex - I finished my Christmas shopping two weeks ago (today is 11/25).

If you are interested in being featured email collabs@aubreysatticco.com 💥

January 02, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin