AAC wants to feature our community of dreamers - this week is Key!

Your big dreams / goals -

☁️ My big dream/goal would be to be a high school guidance counselor in a low income area while also being a fashion and lifestyle influencer/blogger.


How have you been during COVID? - 
☁️ I have been pretty okay during COVID. During quarantine I really used the time to get in-touch with my inner self and realize what I have to do to achieve my goals.


What are you up to? - 
☁️ Right now I'm currently living where I got to college (i'm a senior) and working 3 jobs along with school. I'm also working on creating some cool fashion content for my instagram.

Favorite quarantine activity - 
☁️ My favorite quarantine activity would probably be self-care days or going on daily walks with my mom. I also enjoyed being able to create a solid schedule for myself in quarantine!


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January 02, 2021 — Aubrey Larkin